[ModLib] 90's hardback Large Print Edtitions

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See page 115 of Henry's Guide, first entry.  It is the only one I have, or
have seen, or is in the guide.


John Wolansky


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Modern Librarians,

A couple days ago I picked up something I didn't realize was available: A
Large Print Edition of Louisa May Alcott's Modern Magic.  It has the same
ISBN as the regular edition.  The spine on both the jacket and the book
indicates Large Print Edition.  This is the first one I've ever seen.  It
was an early title - 1993 - which was dropped in 1999.  


Is anyone aware of other titles produced in Large Print Editions? Are they
all early titles?  Do they still produce any?


What light can anyone shed on this mystery?!?!?!  Drop everything you're
doing and respond emmediately.  I'll check e-mail in a week or two.







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