[ModLib] Amenities Update / ModLib Archives

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Tue Sep 25 14:15:49 EDT 2007

Based on comments from the ML collecting community, a significant part of the original ML Amenities site will continue on after the end of this month.  Here are the details:

The mlcollect.com domain will still be going away.  Amenities will be hosted on an ISP server; as such information can only be 'served' to users of the site.  There will be no interactive capability.

This interactive, or dynamic, capability is displayed in the ModLib Archives, Collector Pages, Buy/Sell/Trade, etc. areas of the original site.  Scot has agreed to host the ModLib Archives at ModernLib.com.  The work to move this over has been completed, and can be seen here:


Concerning the other features of the original site, the following will be maintained and updated at the new site:

- 1980's "Woodcuts" Dust Jackets
- Proposed Guide Changes 	 
- DJ Color Variations That Don't Qualify for the ModernLib Database
- Modern Library Chronicles Series
- Modern Library P-Numbered Paperback Page
- Barry's Bindary
- ML Trivia

The following previously interactive features will be removed, or made static with updates provided to me via email:

- Recommended Bookstores
- Reading List

The following feature will be eliminated:

- Buy/Sell/Trade  (In two years, an active trade never developed in this area)

The following feature (as it happens, the biggest part of the site) does not have a home yet:

- Collector Pages  (This will not run on the new site.  Scot is considering taking in this orphan, but I believe he needs much convincing.)

Thanks to everyone who sent comments.  I will post a message when the switchover takes place.


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