[ModLib] Illustrated Alice with alternate cover?

Clare Imholtz muldoone99 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 13:31:56 EDT 2007

I am late in coming to all this fascinating
correspondence about the Illustrated ML Alice, and
like Darrell, I have to wonder. The first image you
posted, Scot, has the title information partially
covering the cover illustration, as Darrell notes. The
second doesn't. Perhaps there is a reason for this,
but I missed it?????  The first image looks very

Second, I didn't see that Scot's question, "What
slipcase?" was answered. Was the Illustrated ML Alice
ordinarily issued in a slipcase? (Again, forgive me if
I missed the explanation.)

Third, I recently acquired a copy of this book in a
slipcase with a label pertaining to the Philco
Convention at which it was a giveaway. I'm sorry I
don't have the exact info right now as I'm not at
home, but I can send a pic in a day or two if anyone
is interested. :)

Clare Imholtz

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> > From: Darrell Johnson <zebradlj at yahoo.com>
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> > Folks,
> >    
> >   I would like to contend that you should
> seriously consider that this pecuilar scan is simply
> a mis-match of some kind between a book and an
> acetate cover.  Notice that the title information
> partially covers the rectangular illustration.  No
> matter how hard up ML or RH were for copies of the
> Illustrated Alice or the Book Club selection neither
> would have intentionally put out something
> corresponding to this scan.  Would they?
> >    
> But the spine appears clearly joined to the cover,
> and the cover -- the illustration of which is part &
> parcel -- is clearly different from the one we know.
> - Scot
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