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  It doesn't make so much sense now in the short run.  But my collecting database information on the post 1970 issues doesn't either - in the short run.  Most of this stuff is too new to be "collectible" so hardly anyone is collectig it - yet.  And some of it may not ever become collectible: the PB Classics show signs of being produce with very poor paper; I have copies that aleady seem "burned" from oxygen exposure.  But people will collect this stuff someday.  And the most reasonable time collect and organize the information is while it is coming out.  If someone had been a die hard collector in the 20's we would probably have some source with photos of all of the boxed gift sets in there boxes.  If someone had been die hard collecting in the seventies we might know alot more about how long titles survived into the late seventies and we wouldn't be speculating over now.
  I've put 2 years (for 9 months while unemployed almost full time)  into this database and can't even seem to find anyone who wants to even glance at it.  But I know for a fact (well, I'm pretty darn sure) that someday someone will appreciate having this level of detail avaibale for collecting reference, or for library content information.  A few years ago a young friend asked if a particular story by Jack London anywhere in my collection.  I thought about which anthologies I could look in, but now I could ceck through Scot's website or simply poke up a form in the database, press the "search contents by contributor" button, scroll to London, press enter, and I would know emmediatley if had that story and where exactly it was.  The recent stuff will be collected and as long as you keep your site up, your site will become the place to go when people start getting interested.
  (P.S. for another item to add even we can't change your mind: I'm about to post the results of analyzing my 80's faux jacket lists.  I was suprised to find that I had enough of them to pin down a highly accurate jacket list dating guide that you can add in somewhere on your site. )

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