[ModLib] My Main Computer Down for the Count

kamins at modernlib.com kamins at modernlib.com
Tue Sep 18 12:22:07 EDT 2007


After experiencing intermittant failures for the last two weeks, my main computer (I usually reliable 20" iMac) is down for the count. I need both a new power supply and a new display. It is the computer I use to do EVERYTHING -- especially website work. Parts may not be in until the 28th(!!!) and Apple Support won't set up an appointment for repairs until then. :-(

I'm currently using an old Apple 14" (or so) iMac for this e-mail and other Internet work, running an operating system from the year 2000. Weep for me.

Please hold off sending me materials for inclusion on ModernLib; I won't even be able to sort it until my main box is back online.

In great sadness,

- Kamins the Practically Computerless

P.S. I pray that none of you has to deal with Apple's Off-shore Customer "Support" -- these people in Calcutta do NOT know how to listen!!! Sad details available by personal (off-mailing list) eMail.

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