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It came from Victor Andersons home.? 


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Hi everybody!? Which Gov. of Nebraska?? Any ownership marks?? That would be a fun overlap for me.? It could sit between my ML and my Nebraska collection


benj clark

(husker born and bred)

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Well, all I say is that an ML is an ML.? there are paperbacks, from the 50's, as well as the 90's and 2000s.? I don't really care for the pb but there is an separate genre of literature in the pb that is not availble in the hardbound.


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Don,      You have 1013 volumes!  Even counting in all the post 1970 volumes, I  only can see about 830 titles in the series.  Unless you count the  paperbacks that were never published in the hardback series? Is that it?    VERY impressed,  Toby (who has a mere 633 but has no paperbacks)    > Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 09:01:53 -0400  > From: pecksgrove at aol.com  > Subject: Re: [ModLib] Modern Library Chronicles  > To: modlib at owu.edu  > Message-ID: <8C9C5AFB8CB350F-620-37AB at webmail-mf09.sysops.aol.com>  > Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"  >   > Darrel  > Over the years, I have gone to many places to find ml books for my   > collection.? Although I have peramters of a dj and
 excellent   > condition, a first ed is not apriority.? I collect ML because they   > offer consistently great literature of the domestic as well as   > international flavor, and actually read, or intend to read, all the   > ML in my collection, which currently amounts to 1013 volumes,? With   > the exception of the Illustrated, I don't worry about all the   > different dj version, nor do I try to collect a version which was   > printed in Giant as well as regular.? The listings range from BL to   > Modern ML.? It would have been nice if the newer hardbacks had been   > priced according to the ML philosophy of provided quality literature   > for pocket book prices, I thought they were overpriced for reprint.?   > Which is what ML is, reprints for the most part.? I absolutely love   > the range of material they provide, as my reading, as well as my   > travels, takes me over the world and it is nice to be able to  >   see what I have
 read about.? Dos Passos Three Soldiers comes to   > mind.? There are a myriad of places to find ML from store front to   > ebay, I have even found them in my clients homes, as well as an   > auction from an ex-govenor of Nebraska.? Some copies I will never   > obtain, but the best of the best source is Sharon Biederman and Amy   > Comeau, two of the most wonderful people with which to work.  _______________________________________________  ModLib mailing list  ModLib at owu.edu  http://thuban.owu.edu/mailman/listinfo/modlib  

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