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Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
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I've just realized that the illustration on the front cover is  the same as the printed paste-on label on the slipcase. The ML must have secured some left-over copies of the printed label and clipped the illustration along with the reddish border to use on copies of the Illustrated Alice when they ran out of the new printed sheets they'd printed.


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>Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 13:12:05 -0700
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>Subject: [ModLib] Illustrated Alice with alternate cover?  
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>Here's another image of that Alice, confirming that it is indeed an  
>ML edition:
>What do you think? I've never seen this before.
>> Folks,
>> A reader sent me the following image:
>> http://www.ModernLib.com/AliceML.jpg
>> Note that the cover image is different from the ones already on  
>> ModernLib:
>> http://www.modernlib.com/Rarities/Alice.html
>> The reader says "The book has no date on the title page nor the  
>> copyright page. The interior illustrations are the same as you  
>> show. Is it a later printing or edition?"
>> I've asked the reader to confirm that this is an ML book (as  
>> opposed to a Random House book with the ML acetate) and am waiting  
>> to hear back.
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