[ModLib] Ron's site

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Sun Sep 16 19:50:02 EDT 2007


The decision to close the site was not due to lack of input; rather lack of interest.  I placed ML items of interest to myself there, plus anthing ML related (that was valid) submitted by the community.  I was fine with new material being driven by the community; and if there was no new material from that group of folks, no problem.  I added things of my own interest.  But if so few are interested in using the information there, you don't have a viable site.  The features such as Buy/Sell/Trade, Local Bookstore Locations, Suggested ML Reading, etc. are not used at all.  The other information there is not used, as shown by the number of discussions on this list serv that are covered (at least partially) at the site.  It just made no sense to keep a site running with such low activity.

Perhaps the Marlins should do the same thing!


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