Need For Post - 75 ML SIte (was Re: [ModLib] Modern Library Chronicles)

Ron Holl modlib at
Sat Sep 15 19:40:59 EDT 2007

Scot, from the Amenities home page:

"Modern Library Amenities contains material concerning all Modern Library collecting areas and date ranges.  However, since the primary collecting focus of the editor is ML books printed between 1930 and 1970, there may be an unintended slant toward that area.  Collectors interested in other areas can submit new material and remove that bias!"

Amenities could have had much more post-70's info, but there was no demand for it, except for the Woodcuts.  In that case, those interested in that part of the hobby provided all the needed information.... and Amenities presented it!


> I think it's becoming clear that there's a real need developing for a  
> post-stitched (after 1975) ML collector's web site. Amenities has  
> some info on this, but not a lot.
> Perhaps someone will step forward and set up such a site. I'd be more  
> than willing to share what I've learned over the past 11 years about  
> what NOT to do in developing such a website. :-D

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