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Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 14:34:29 EDT 2007

My database, which includes the recent stuff (and I can't keep up with all the new titles) contains 1389 seperate titles!  The following table will total higher than that because it has duplicate titles within the many styles.  It has some Ghost-Titles counted as well - I have only seen eveidence of around 12 of the 100 Bets Novels so there may be 85 or so Ghost Titles there.
      qryCountOfStylesQuery      Style  CountOfStyle      100 Best Non-Fiction  1    100 Best Novels  97    50's Paperback  69    80's Faux  129    90's Hardback  298    90's Paperback  48    Audio Book  4    Chronicles HB  46    Chronicles PB  11    College PB  96    Exploration  10    Food  11    Gardening  8    Giant  129    Harlem Renaissance  1    Humor & Wit  4    Illustrated  20    Mass Market PB  16    PB Classics  276    Rediscoveries  5    Regular  741    Science  5    The Movies  4    War  13  

Toby G Levy <tobylevy at juno.com> wrote:

You have 1013 volumes! Even counting in all the post 1970 volumes, I
only can see about 830 titles in the series. 

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