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The Half Price book chain is a great place to scout. Most of the staff that work for Half    Price  have little knowledge of  the value of what they have in stock Never bring any books to the chain to sell, as you will get next to nothing for them but, great place to buy, if thy have what you want.


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Chronicles Collectors,
  I live in Dallas-Fort Worth.  There is a chain here called Half-Priced Books.  There are around 13-14 stores now.  I get to 3 of them real frequently, around 8 of of them a couple times a year and I try to get to everyone in no more than a year and half or so.  I frequently see 1st printings of Chronicles titles that I already have.  They are half original cover price which started at $20 but some are now $24 - so the prices are usually $10-$12.  If you are looking for a title let me know.
       The same goes for 90's Hard Backs, Paperback Classics and 90's Paperbacks (including all the series: War, Food, Humor, Exploration, Gardening, etc)  They are priced at half cover.  Older books are pot luck.  So if you are needing someone to keep a eye for a title in a style where you can pretty much know the price beforehand, let me know and I'll make a list.
      It will be the cost + tax + a couple bucks for handling. (No finder's fee - I'm out hunting anyway).
Toby G Levy <tobylevy at juno.com> wrote:
  Has anyone ever discussed the Modern Library Chronicles series? Is there
anything on Scott's web site?

Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha! 
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