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Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
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  I'll check them out.  I actually got in there a couple times when I lived in Moscow, Idaho.  It's HUGE.
  The only trouble with buying on-line is a collector wants a 1st printing and most of these retailers pay no attention to the printing #.
  Along the same lines.  Modern Library listed the 100 best novels in English form the 1900's - they did this in 1998 or 1999.  They published some of these titles in a special paperback format.  You can't try to get these on line because if they continued publishing them after 1998 they switched to the Paperback Classic format and kept the same ISBN.  The online sellers go by the ISBN so you can't tell which one you're getting.
  I'm leary about filling in the recent stuff from online because I'm real worried about not getting the precise format or a 1st printing.
  Note that this is an issue for someone trying to get the Chronicles in see-through jackets.  The ISBN didn't change if they switched to regular jackets.  You might see a photo of the see-through, but the seller may be stocking the regular jacket by now since the see-through is no longer printed and STOCK PHOTOS they use came out with the early version.

pecksgrove at aol.com wrote:
    Go to Powells books.com and find all kinds of Chronicles, as well as newer ML titles.  Decent prices and excellent condition.

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