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Chronicles Collectors,
  I live in Dallas-Fort Worth.  There is a chain here called Half-Priced Books.  There are around 13-14 stores now.  I get to 3 of them real frequently, around 8 of of them a couple times a year and I try to get to everyone in no more than a year and half or so.  I frequently see 1st printings of Chronicles titles that I already have.  They are half original cover price which started at $20 but some are now $24 - so the prices are usually $10-$12.  If you are looking for a title let me know.
       The same goes for 90's Hard Backs, Paperback Classics and 90's Paperbacks (including all the series: War, Food, Humor, Exploration, Gardening, etc)  They are priced at half cover.  Older books are pot luck.  So if you are needing someone to keep a eye for a title in a style where you can pretty much know the price beforehand, let me know and I'll make a list.
      It will be the cost + tax + a couple bucks for handling. (No finder's fee - I'm out hunting anyway).
Toby G Levy <tobylevy at juno.com> wrote:
  Has anyone ever discussed the Modern Library Chronicles series? Is there
anything on Scott's web site?

Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha! 
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