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Fri Oct 26 11:19:37 EDT 2007

I know this isn't a forum for selling, but I have just appraised a  
collection, with the intention of it being donated to charity. However, I am  trying to 
persuade customer that such a donation would probably be sold and  nobody 
would much benefit---even the charitable institution as it would probably  sell 
collection badly. 
There are not many Balloon cloth bindings in dj and only a few in lousy  
condition in leatherette. Most of the post 1939 hardcover editions do have  dust 
jackets, included amongst them are some very hard to find titles. Some  
paperbacks and most of the illustrated are part of the collection. If anybody is  
interested in particular titles please contact me at _BooksetcSF at Aol.com_ 
(mailto:BooksetcSF at Aol.com)  with heading of ML  CHARITY. 
Henry for Books etc
Books etc,
298 4th Avenue, # 395
San Francisco,
CA 94118-2468
Fone/Fax: 415-387-7162
E-mail: _BooksetcSF at Aol.com_ (mailto:BooksetcSF at Aol.com) 

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