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I don't think the ML itself had official color names.  I'm sure that manufacturers of binding cloth had names for different colors, but there probably wasn't a lot of consistency between one manufacturer and another.

The preferred standard for describing colors in bibliographical descriptions is the ISCC-NBS (Inter-Society Color Council -- National Bureau of Standards) Color-Name Charts. This is described in a 1976 publication of the U.S. Department of Commerce -- Color: Universal Language and Dictionary of Names. There was also set of color charts, ISCC-NBS Color-Name Charts Illustrated with Centroid Colors. This was a loose-leaf set of color charts; each leaf had color chips in such groupings as Yellowish Green, Green, Bluish Green, etc. Individual colors were designated as Light Yellowish Green, Brilliant Yellowish Green, Medium Yellowish Green, etc. I use these charts to designate colors of ML jackets in my bibliography. The color charts were long out of print when I began my work, but I was able to get a set from a man who had helped compile them and had since retired to Florida. They may mow be available online.

There are other systems out there (each system seems to have different names for the same color) but for bibliographical descriptions ISCC-NBS is the standard.


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>   Modern Librarians,
>   Does anyone know if B&L or ML had any official names
>   for their binding colors? I always debate on the odd
>   ones: maroon? or burnt umber? or is it faded brown
>   or discolored red?
>   Darrell
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