[ModLib] Bertha Garlan Strangeness

Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Mon Oct 8 17:45:07 EDT 2007


ModernLib major supporter John Wolansky sent me a batch of images of  
his very early (perhaps first) Schnitzler's Bertha Garlan (39.1):


The book has marbled endpapers and is in a #1 binding, but has no  
catalog at the front. Toledano says that the first has a C4 catalog  
listing 50 titles.

Interesting Point 1: The back of the dust jacket is an unreported  
variety of type "a": It lists no titles, but instead is strictly a  
fluff piece touting the series.

Interesting Point 2: The front and back flaps list the titles in the  
series through #37, listing no # 24 but including at #29 a ghost  
title -- Wright's Best French Epigrams.

Interesting Point 3: #24 was first used with Ouida's In A Winter City  
in 1923, and the first appearance of 29 used on a real title was  
Hecht's Erik Dorn in 1924 -- both at a time when there were TONS more  
titles in the series.

Interesting Point 4:  The DJ lists 36 titles, as in a C3 catalog (as  
opposed to the 50 in a C4 catalog, which Toledano specifies) -- but  
the book has no catalog.


Does anyone have a Garlan with a catalog in it?

Does anyone have early Garlan DJs they can compare to this -- both in  
terms of the DJ back and of the list of books?

Why weren't numbers 24 & 29 used for such a long time?

Scot Kamins
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