[ModLib] Jewish Daily Forward and two other oddities.

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  Thanks for the reply.
  The date in the title page strikes me as odd.  It would seem that they would have fixed template for the title page and incoporating a date would require a deliberate change.  I can't see how it could have occured accidentally.  I believe a date on the title page is a rare thing for any publisher.  So if they bothered to do it, it would seem that they would have a reason for wanting that to become their standard way of doing it.  So I wonder why they would do it for just a couple titles and then only perhaps for some of those. Unless the holders of the copyrights insisted on it for some reason with these titles. 
  I checked my B/Ls and don't have any with the date incorporated into the title page, but also don't have either of the two titles (Wilde, etc.)  you mention in 1,2, or 3 bindings.  
  I do have Turgenev Smoke, and it has the same oval logo you mention.  None of the other 75 or so B/Ls I have has this logo.  I seem to remember seeing it in a back issue of the Modern Library Collector, but don't know if there's anything written about it there.
  John Peterson

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