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Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Thu Oct 4 12:22:05 EDT 2007

This is a very interesting question. I too have wondered over the  
years about the usefulness and accuracy/consistency of these numbers,  
as I have over statements such as "In only 10 years the Modern  

On Oct 4, 2007, at 8:54 AM, Darrell Johnson wrote:

> Modern Librarians;
> Are the blurbs that appear at the end the books from around 1920 to  
> 1924 or 1925 that start:
> "Three years ago......", "Four years ago....", "Five years  
> ago...."etc... realiable indicators of:       
> 1920,                        1921,                     
> 1922,              etc... print dates?
> Most of these have lists with them.  Are there two lists for each  
> year (fall and spring)?  Are there key markers to indicate list  
> dates such as Wilde (96) for fall or spring 1922 or O'Neill (111)  
> for fall or spring 1923?
> Has anybody already anzlyzed these? I suppose Henry or Barry may  
> have, but these blurbs are not even mentioned in the posted dating  
> guide on Scot's site. On the other hand, neither are the C - lists  
> from 1917 and 1918.  But those are referred to for use explicitly  
> in Henry's guide while the "X years ago..." blurbs aren't used by  
> Henry?
> What the status of these blurbs usefulness in dating the books? I'm  
> trying to date my leatherettes more accurately and I suspect these  
> can help.  But I don't want to take the time to cross-refernce and  
> analyze if someone has already done it.
> Darrell
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