[ModLib] Dating Guide 1920-1923

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 11:54:13 EDT 2007

Modern Librarians;
  Are the blurbs that appear at the end the books from around 1920 to 1924 or 1925 that start:
  "Three years ago......", "Four years ago....", "Five years ago...."etc... realiable indicators of:      1920,                        1921,                    1922,              etc... print dates?
  Most of these have lists with them.  Are there two lists for each year (fall and spring)?  Are there key markers to indicate list dates such as Wilde (96) for fall or spring 1922 or O'Neill (111) for fall or spring 1923?  
  Has anybody already anzlyzed these? I suppose Henry or Barry may have, but these blurbs are not even mentioned in the posted dating guide on Scot's site. On the other hand, neither are the C - lists from 1917 and 1918.  But those are referred to for use explicitly in Henry's guide while the "X years ago..." blurbs aren't used by Henry?
  What the status of these blurbs usefulness in dating the books? I'm trying to date my leatherettes more accurately and I suspect these can help.  But I don't want to take the time to cross-refernce and analyze if someone has already done it.

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