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John is correct about there being two printings of G67 without the Pound poems. The first printing was published late in 1945 with the statement "FIRST Modern Library Giant EDITION | 1945"  on the verso of the title page. The arabic pagination runs through 951, and the jacket has a fall 1945 list.

I've seen (but don't have) a later printing with the First statement removed, a fall 1945 jacket, and an owner's date of "Nov. 4, 1946." I assume this was the second printing and that it appeared at some point in 1946.

The earliest printing I've seen with the Pound poems (beginning on p. 788) and with arabic pagination running through 961 has a spring 1947 jacket.  This appears to be the third printing.

I don't know how many copies there were of the first printing, but paper was still is short supply in fall 1945 and I expect the printing was smaller than it would have been under normal conditions, hence the need for a second printing not long after the first.

I'd be interested know if other collectors with the second printing also have it in a fall 1945 jacket. It's possible that extra copies of the jacket were printed. 

The first printing was listed in the "Weekly Record" of newly published books in the Dec. 15, 1945 issue of Publishers' Weekly. W. H. Auden wrote Cerf on January 29, 1946 that he was prepared to leave Random House over the issue. Cerf's first "Trade Winds" column about the controversy appeared in the Feb. 9 issue of Saturday Review of Literature, and the column in which he agreed to restore the poems was in the March 16 issue. 


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>   My understanding has been that there was only one
>   printing of G67.1 (Anthology of Famous
>   English/American Poetry-- in which Ezra Pound's
>   poems are excluded, and which has an editorial note
>   on p. 788 explaining that this was done over the
>   editor's objections).  See Scot Kamins' note and
>   articles on this title, all of which suggest that
>   the second printing [G67.2] included Pound, in
>   response to an outcry from the public and other
>   authors.  Today I bought a copy of this title
>   without the "First Modern Library Giant Edition
>   1945" slug.  It has no Pound and has the identical
>   editorial note on p. 788.  Does anyone else have a
>   second printing of 67.1, before 67.2 [with Pound
>   included on pp. 788-798] was made available? 
>   Unfortunately the volume I bought has no DJ that
>   could date it more closely.
>   John Peterson
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