[ModLib] G67.1 non-first?

JOHN PETERSON jpetersonlhi at verizon.net
Thu Nov 29 20:22:10 EST 2007

My understanding has been that there was only one printing of G67.1 (Anthology of Famous English/American Poetry-- in which Ezra Pound's poems are excluded, and which has an editorial note on p. 788 explaining that this was done over the editor's objections).  See Scot Kamins' note and articles on this title, all of which suggest that the second printing [G67.2] included Pound, in response to an outcry from the public and other authors.  Today I bought a copy of this title without the "First Modern Library Giant Edition 1945" slug.  It has no Pound and has the identical editorial note on p. 788.  Does anyone else have a second printing of 67.1, before 67.2 [with Pound included on pp. 788-798] was made available?  Unfortunately the volume I bought has no DJ that could date it more closely.

John Peterson
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