#12 Ink (was: Re: [ModLib] time duration style 10)

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Fri Nov 9 11:45:11 EST 2007

Neal, are you saying that you do have a #12 binding with silver lettering?  I have never seen one.  Your initial post indicated that you had found a #12 with gold lettering... but every one I have seen has gold.

I recommened holding a 'potential' silver lettered #12 next to a known silver binding... for example a #14 binding.  I have noticed some #12's that have a very light gold color (not faded, they are bright; but the color is not a deep gold), and it does not become obviously gold until held against a real silver lettered binding.

The switch to silver came with the #13 binding.  However, since #12 is a transitional binding (more real than a #10, but still transitional) it would not be surprising to find one (not a first though).


> I noticed the ink color discrepency because I move 2 times a year (winter
> house-summer house) and am cataloguing my collection for sale because I am
> tied of resetting it up!

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