[ModLib] Color of ink on #12 bindings?

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Thu Nov 8 23:24:26 EST 2007

I assumed it was an earlier transitional one.  The title is 'Selected Poetry 
of Byron.'  It has Fujita endpapers, and it was remainder stamped with the 
large red 'H.'  The cloth is red.  I don't have any other post-12 bindings 
in red cloth.  On the DJ, the price is $2.45, and there's no ISBN.


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> On Nov 8, 2007, at 4:03 PM, KMP wrote:
>> All my 12s are gold as well.  I have one gold 13 (the rest are  silver).
> Ah-HAH!!! Can you date the 13 -- is it a pretty young one (in terms  of 
> when that binding was around)?
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