War in the Air Dates???

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The first printing (May 1917) uses the full title: THE WAR IN THE AIR | AND PARTICULARLY HOW MR. BERT | SMALLWAYS FARED WHILE IT LASTED and notes WITH ILLUSTRATION BY ERIC PAPE on the title page. The title page is the first leaf in the book (no half title or ML list facing the title page). The illustration appears on the verso of the table of contents, facing the first page of text.

The second printing (also 1917) also uses the full title and replaces the line about the illustration with the following: WITH A NEW PREFACE TO REPRINT EDITION. The one-page preface replaces the illustration on the verso of the table of contents. The verso of the title page adds the copyright statement: COPYRIGHT, 1917, | BY THE MACMILLAN COMPANY

The first and second printings both have binding 1 with the A endpaper. Neither includes a list of ML titles. I've seen a copy (not in my collection, alas) of the second printing in the first B&L jacket.

The next printing I've seen has the ruled title page with the title abbreviated to THE WAR IN THE AIR. There's an additional leaf before the title page with a half title on the recto and list C3 on the verso, facing the title page, and also an additional blank leaf at the end of the volume. List C3 dates from spring 1918. This title page remained in use until The War in the Air was discontinued in 1924.

My copy with the abbreviated title is also binding 1, with a C4 list facing the title page, and has plain white endpapers. It's on thinner paper than the first two printings but is about 2/3 as thick as printings 1 and 2. 


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