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> Howells, Hazard of New Fortunes Norris, McTeague Wells, War in the  
> Air Beerbohm, Zuleika Dobson (Macmillan Co. in NY terminated the  
> reprint contract, but Cerf and Klopfer were able to recover reprint  
> rights and it was restored to the series in 1926 after being absent  
> for three years)
> .....
> The Guide lists nothing for War in the Air (either flavor) after  
> 1923. But Barry's note indicates there should be something sarting  
> in 1926.

WAIT- I think that Barry's comments referred to reprint rights to  
Dobson, which did come back into the series. The other titles were B- 
L only. Sorry for THAT confusion - my bad.

But it still leaves my original question: the real dates for the two  
War titles. Ron Holl suggested elsewhere that 5.1 was 1917 only --  
and that for just a couple of months. He suggests that 5.2 went 1917  
- 1923.

Scot Kamins

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