Who translated Candide?

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The translation of Candide published in the ML in 1918 is anonymous.

The ML published a new edition of Candide in 1930, substituting the Richard Aldington translation in place of the translation used in 1918 and adding "Part Two" which today is generally regarded as spurious. The Aldington translation was first published (at least in the U.S) in 1928 by Random House in a limited edition illustrated by Rockwell Kent. The ML edition did not identify Aldington as the translator.

The Aldington translation of Candide is also used in Candide and Other Writings published in the ML in 1956. Block's introduction (p. xxii) identifies Aldington as the translator of Candide. The spurious "Part Two" is dropped from the 1956 volume.

The 1992 ML edition of Candide and Philosophical Letters is the first to identify Aldington as the translator of Candide on the title page.

In summary, the ML has used the Aldington translation since 1930, but only identifies Aldington as the translator from 1956 on.


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>The Guide lists 47.2, Candide, as being translated by Aldington  
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>anybody have an edition that lists a translator?
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