Who has "Humphry Clinker" spelled "Humphrey" on the DJ?

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Tue Mar 20 14:37:27 EDT 2007

I assume the jacket that misspelled the title "Humphrey" was the first. I 
don't have any evidence from the archives about this, but I expect new 
jackets were ordered when the mistake was discovered. The Modern Library 
probably replaced the jackets of unsold copies of the first printing still 
in the warehouse with the corrected jackets. It's common to see first 
printings with the corrected jacket.

The Modern Library, especially in the later 1920s, sometimes retained 
"First" statements on second printings of books where names of authors of 
introductions had been printed incorrectly on the first printing. Examples 
include Wuthering Heights and the W.S. Gilbert plays. The first statement 
can construed in these cases to mean "the first printing with the title page 
as it should have been."

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> On Mar 20, 2007, at 2:19 AM, Gordon Neavill wrote:
>> I have a spring 1929 dj with the incorrect spelling. The jacket is  a 
>> little tattered but not beyond your restoration talents. Let me  know if 
>> you still need a scan. The title is correct everywhere else  on the book. 
>> I've seen but don't own the corrected jacket also from  spring 1929.
> Yes, please send it. Is the "incorrect spelling" one the true first 
> printing?
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