#246-the rhetoric and poetics of aristotle

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This is correct. The book was scheduled for fall 1954 publication, though it's possible it didn't appear until January 1955. It was listed in the "Weekly Record" of newly published books in the Jan. 29, 1955 issue of Publishers Weekly. The ML found the introduction by the German-born Solmsen a little clumsy and sent it to Sidney Kaplan at the University of Massachusetts to improve and clarify the style. Kaplan received $30 for his editorial work, a tenth of what Solmsen received for writing the introduction. This may have delayed publication.


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>   my copy of the above ml book has on the copyright
>   page" first modern library edition, 1954."
>   the reverse of the dust jacket has 371 titles.
>   are these corrections yet to be made or is my
>   copy wrong?
>   anyone!
>   anthony pertusi
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