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Your transcription is correct in all respects.


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>I was typing up the blurb from the front DJ panel of Saltus' Imperial  
>Orgy. Can someone who has this book please verify the text and  
>punctuation? (I had to use the small ModernLib image so I'm not sure  
>of what I've written.) I'm particularly interested in the sobriquet  
>"Nicholas the Terrified" :
>The story of the Russian Czars is one long carnival of cruelty and  
>lust, of a great, overgrown, thoroughly rotten Oriental despotism  
>gradually but certainly tottering to its fall. A whole dynasty plays  
>its part in this book — Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, the  
>Empress Catherine,and finally, Nicholas the Terrified. The Imperial  
>Orgy is in effect a moving picture history of Russia with the Czars  
>as the principal actors.
>This is the first Edgar Saltus title in the Modern Library.
>Scot Kamins
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