Verification of Imperial Orgy blurb

Scot Kamins kamins at
Wed Mar 14 16:39:13 EDT 2007


I was typing up the blurb from the front DJ panel of Saltus' Imperial  
Orgy. Can someone who has this book please verify the text and  
punctuation? (I had to use the small ModernLib image so I'm not sure  
of what I've written.) I'm particularly interested in the sobriquet  
"Nicholas the Terrified" :
The story of the Russian Czars is one long carnival of cruelty and  
lust, of a great, overgrown, thoroughly rotten Oriental despotism  
gradually but certainly tottering to its fall. A whole dynasty plays  
its part in this book — Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, the  
Empress Catherine,and finally, Nicholas the Terrified. The Imperial  
Orgy is in effect a moving picture history of Russia with the Czars  
as the principal actors.

This is the first Edgar Saltus title in the Modern Library.


Scot Kamins
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