REDUX: DJ count on Long Voyage Home?

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There's no difference. Copyright used to be for an initial term of 28 years with a renewal term of another 28 years (56 years total). The 1946 date appears to be the date of the copyright renewal. That's only 27 years after 1919, but the plays were written and performed over a period of several years, and I don't know how the term was reckoned.


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>Subject: REDUX: DJ count on Long Voyage Home?  
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>> Anybody know the lowest DJ count on the inverse of the first  
>> edition of O'Neill's Long Voyage Home?
>I also forgot to ask this: I have copies of this title with a  
>copyright date of 1946. What's the difference between the pre-1946  
>and the 1946-and-on edition?
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