[ModLib] End of Book Catalogues

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My copy of 132.3, Milton, 14Eo configuration, has the identical series of
catalogues you describe.


John Wolansky

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A couple of years ago there was a thread about the mid-60's when ML and
Vintage lines began to merge in common catalogues.  I recently bought a #14
binding Milton Complete Poetry and Prose (132.3) that has a merged catalogue
in the back, of a variety and length I don't remember seeing before.    The
entire catalogue spans 19 pages, containing the following:

1.  ML Giants (2 pages, ending with Balzac)

2. ML Regulars (8 pages, dating to Spring, '67)

3. ML College Editions (3 Pages)

4. A blank page

5. Vintage Fiction, Poetry and Plays (3 pages) 

6. Vintage History and Criticism of Literature, Music and Art (2 pages)


Are there other #14s with this extensive, merged catalogue?  Are there
Milton #14s without it?  Did they just have pages to fill?  


John Peterson

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