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Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 20:39:43 EDT 2007

Hello all, just thought I'd share.

I found two things at the local used bookstore the other day.
First was a buckram Ulysses by James Joyce.  It was well-circulated and did
not appear to be properly discarded so I passed it over...on the first scan.
Half way through the next aisle I had to run back and snatch up that copy of
Ulysses.  I don't see buckrams that often, and I want a good reading copy
for my library, and on second glance it did have a discarded feel to it,
and, well, I just had the itch.  I listen to the itch.

The other thing was the copy of Ulysses right beside it on the shelf that I
flipped through for comparison.  It was a Random House BCE with the code on
the spine of the DJ.  Funny thing was, when I flipped over to look at the
rear dj flap, there was a big ole ad for Modern Library books.  I had not
seen that before, so I thought it was neat.

Happy reading!
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