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What you write pertains to the citizen, concerning all things  political and social, and I agree with you. However, here we write  about ones HOBBY. so, one would think all love and effort would be put forth.


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Clare, et al,

It does neither, but thank you for contributing all the same. The 
following is not specific to you but is a generality.

Scot, if I may...

I'm the President of the Independent Online Booksellers Association 
at ioba.org and can relate to the situation. A group that's gathered 
for a common purpose (like modernlib.com or IOBA) replicates a small 
society/culture in most ways. The most striking, infuriating, and 
depressing way is that like any society/culture only a tiny 
percentage of the members participate in ways that benefit the whole 
society/culture and the others do not feel any pull toward 
contributing to the common good.

In the end it's about 2% of the members supporting the other 98% who 
enjoy the benefits and generally participate only to the extent of 
complaining. The participants burn out and leave or otherwise quit 
participating, and the rest simply grumble that the good times are 
gone. Kind of like the ant and the grasshopper.

If one doesn't participate in society/culture (like voting, 
volunteering, keeping your sidewalk clean, contributing to the modlib 
list and site information, etc.) how can the society/culture improve, 
flourish, or ultimately be of benefit? Why can't humans transcend 
being complacent about catching a free ride on the efforts of others 
with no personal contribution?


At 02:06 PM 6/5/2007, you wrote:

>Well, Scot, I don't collect ML reading copies or djs;
>I just collect bits of information about them. That's
>why I didn't answer (but I'm not sure if if absolves
>me or damns me!).
>--- Scot Kamins <kamins at modernlib.com> wrote:
> > folks,
> >
> > As usual, dealing with ML collectors is as complex
> > as dealing with ML
> > books.
> >
> > I recently took a poll, asking folks their
> > collecting emphasis - book
> > or DJ.
> >
> > 50 of about 130 mailing list members responded.
> > (Why the heck the
> > other 80 or so people couldn't be bothered to spend
> > 10 seconds
> > responding is beyond me.) Of the 47, the breakdown
> > is:
> >
> > Book paramount:   13
> > DJ paramount: 34
> > Equally important: 3
> >
> > I was surprised at these results. I had expected the
> > percentage of DJ
> > concentrators to far outweigh the book
> > concentrators, but there you
> > are -- of those expressing a preference, 27% are
> > book people. So
> > while the total sample is indeed small, I find the
> > this all interesting.
> >
> > We would have had a better idea if the rest of the
> > subscribers had
> > responded. Pretty damn annoying. I wonder how many
> > of those non-
> > responders are non-ModernLib members who eagerly use
> > the free info
> > both there and on this list.
> >
> >
> > Scot Kamins
> > ....................
> > And we say good-bye to you also,
> > For you seem never to have discovered
> > That your relationship is wholly parasitic;
> > Yet to our feasts you bring neither
> > Wit, nor good spirits, nor the pleasing attitudes
> > Of discipleship.
> >                       (from Amities, Ezra Pound)
> >
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