[ModLib] Results of the Book | DJ Poll

Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Mon Jun 4 19:43:06 EDT 2007


As usual, dealing with ML collectors is as complex as dealing with ML  

I recently took a poll, asking folks their collecting emphasis - book  
or DJ.

50 of about 130 mailing list members responded.  (Why the heck the  
other 80 or so people couldn't be bothered to spend 10 seconds  
responding is beyond me.) Of the 47, the breakdown is:

Book paramount:   13
DJ paramount: 34
Equally important: 3

I was surprised at these results. I had expected the percentage of DJ  
concentrators to far outweigh the book concentrators, but there you  
are -- of those expressing a preference, 27% are book people. So  
while the total sample is indeed small, I find the this all interesting.

We would have had a better idea if the rest of the subscribers had  
responded. Pretty damn annoying. I wonder how many of those non- 
responders are non-ModernLib members who eagerly use the free info  
both there and on this list.

Scot Kamins
And we say good-bye to you also,
For you seem never to have discovered
That your relationship is wholly parasitic;
Yet to our feasts you bring neither
Wit, nor good spirits, nor the pleasing attitudes
Of discipleship.
                      (from Amities, Ezra Pound)

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