[ModLib] SURVEY: DJ Focus or Book Focus?

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Fri Jun 1 13:01:35 EDT 2007

DJRob Perrilleon

> To: modlib at owu.edu> From: kamins at modernlib.com> Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 14:30:00 -0700> Subject: [ModLib] SURVEY: DJ Focus or Book Focus?> > Folks,> > I am conducting a survey among readers of this mailing list. I > request that ALL MEMBERS OF THIS MAILING LIST PLEASE RESPOND. It will > take you SECONDS to do it.> > As an aide to defining the direction of ModernLib, I want to find out > whether the primary focus of collectors is on the DJ or on the book. > Specifically, I want to end up with this:> > X collectors primary focus is the book> Y collectors primary focus is the DJ> > where X and Y represent the number of collectors in each category.> > For purposes of this survey:> > If you collect your ML volumes ONLY in dust jackets, please answer "DJ".> If you collect your ML volumes WITHOUT DJs, or DJs are on the books > only incidentally, please answer "book".> > Answer here or by mailing your response directly to me, but not both.> > I'm not asking a lot, folks - just a few characters in an e-mail.> > Thanks,> > > Scot Kamins> -----> "Let 'em all go to hell except Cave 76" -- the very first national > anthem> > > > > > _______________________________________________> ModLib mailing list> ModLib at owu.edu> http://thuban.owu.edu/mailman/listinfo/modlib
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