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When in college I was privileged to study under one of the great Nietzche
scholars of our time, Professor Walter Kaufman. It was an era of building
expansion and in several parts of the campus there were wooden fences that
invited the inevitable grafitti. My favorite read: " God is dead" Nietche.
Under which was "Nietche is dead" God.  Under which was " Nietzche is
misspelled" Kaufman.
Terry Seymour  

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John Wolansky asked:

> Could you please share your secret as to how you got through Thus
> Zarathustra?  I took three swings and struck out.

As with all the Nietzche, I did what I did with the Iliad: I read a few
pages, then began to just read just the first sentence of each paragraph and
would up just reading the the first paragraph of each chapter, or "Book."
As I leaf through the intervening pages, if something catches my eye I stop
and read that as well.

I mean, I HAVE read other better translations of The Iliad. It's not like I
was missing anything. With the Nietzche, I felt like  I was better off NOT
reading it too closely!

Mike Mayer asked:

> Is that the Leaf/Lang/Myers translation that newer editions used? 

Yes that's the one. The Odyssey is translated by Lang and Butcher.

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