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Mike Mayer mwmayer at tds.net
Thu Jul 5 09:47:49 EDT 2007

Is that the Leaf/Lang/Myers translation that newer editions used? That's the
one I read. I found it somewhat hard to get used to, but I did get used to
it. By the time I got to the Odyssey I found it far less painful. But maybe
the 1929 translation is different.

Mike Mayer
mwmayer at tds.net

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> In my project of reading the ML in the order of publication I have hit a
> snag with the Iliad and probably the Odyssey as well.  These are the last
> two books published in 1929 and I am anxious to get through them to begin
> the nineteen new titles from 1930, which includes The Sun Also Rises, Of
> Human Bondage and anna Karenina.
> The Iliad has been translated in a style that to me is impenetrable.  The
> sentence syntax is tortured.  I cannot imagine Homer reciting this aloud
> in ancient Greek. A glance at the Odyssey looks like it's cut from the
> same cloth. I scanned through the Iliad and will probably have to do the
> same for the Odyssey. Anyone else give these books a try?
> Toby
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