[ModLib] Emma

Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 16:35:16 EDT 2007


Hello Scot,
This is a question I wanted to post to modlib, but I do not think my  
other emails are getting through.  Maybe it is because I mailed from  
an address other that what I am subscribed with... but anyway...
What relationship does the New Millennium Library have to the Modern  

Please reference the following book:
Emma by Jane Austen
1998 New Millennium Library
Biographical note copyright 1992 by Random House, Inc.
This edition published by Sweetwater Press by arrangement with Modern  
Library, a division of Random House, Inc.
ISBN 1-58173-221-X

At this point I am thinking that this is just one of those  
leatherbound Barnes&Noble gift books that you see on the used  
bookshelves now and again.
But - at the rear of the text is a page listing:

"The Modern Library Editorial Board"
Maya Angelou
Daniel J. Boorstin
A.S. Byatt
Christopher Cerf
Shelby Foote
Vartan Gregorian
Larry McMurtry
Edmund Morris
John Richardson
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
William Styron
Gore Vidal


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