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... that states "Second Edition" on the title page, also has an ISBN.

Scott, I agree with Ron regarding additional points for 1st.  Aeschylus II,
311.1 is another with 1st ML Edition issues, having 415 on the DJ.  I have
two copies with 415, one with Hesse and one without.

John Wolansky

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Well, yes, as long as you are not paying by the character.

Also, my copy of Auden does have the ISBN.  It is a good bet they all do.

> So you're suggesting I add the following:
> The dust jacket for the first of this title is from the Fall of 1962  
> (shows Erasmus, In Praise of Folly, but not Hesse, Steppenwolf); the  
> back-of-book catalog, also Fall of 1962 but showing only giants,  
> lists Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago but not Medieval Epics.
> Yes?

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