Was Counterfeiters gone 1946 - 1962?

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The Counterfeiters was published in the ML in May 1931 and discontinued in fall 1946. As far as I know the reason was weak sales rather than Knopf (the original publisher) withdrawing the book from the series. In 1939, when the reprint contract came up for renewal, Cerf told Knopf: "This is a book that doesn’t sell in any spectacular fashion, but it is a nice one for us to have."

The Counterfeiters and The Journal of the Counterfeiters was published in the ML in spring 1962 and remained in the series into the 1980s.


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>According to The Guide, Gide's The Counterfeiters left the series in  
>1946 and rejoined in 1962 (adding Journal of The Counterfeiters to  
>the volume). To leave the series and then come back is a bit unusual  
>(although not unique, of course - it happened to Zuleika Dobson I  
>think,  and perhaps one or two other titles). So I have two questions:
>(1) Can someone confirm that it did leave and re-enter the series?
>(2) If so, why did it leave and then come back?
>I tried to find the answer in the ListServ archives, but Amenities is  
>down t the moment so I don't know if this has come up before.
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