Why is ModernLib membership down?

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A few of the responses have suggested that younger people feel no connection 
to the old books.  Perhaps so.  But Modern Library is still going and younger 
people may be establishing a connection to the newer stuff.  Our task, then, 
would be to build the bridge from the current stuff back into our older stuff.  
But that means fostering the connection (or continuity) from 1917 to 2007.  
Scot, as we know, limits his site to 1917-1970.  So we need a new site that 
picks up 1977-1985 and 1992-Present and onwards, AND emphasizes the family 
connection to Scot's site. Create Modern Library Collectors in any genre and you 
increase the likelihood of ending up collectors of 1917-1970.

Darrell,  This might work.  There are a few bookstores that do display an 
entire case of currently issued ML paperbacks.   Two examples I am aware of are 
Unabridged Books in Chicago's Lakeview area, an independent store popular with 
young adults;  also the bookstore at the College of Charleston (South 
Carolina).  Both these displays are downright lovely to behold.  Unabridged offers a 
10% discount for any book in the entire collection as an incentive.  

This is to say, there are stores that do display the full array of ML now 
just as they did "in the day" in my Macalester College bookstore, which is what 
got me started.  I can just imagine an earnest young adult reader grabbing his 
first three or four paperback MLs off a current display case, then realizing 
they look quite cool on the shelf at home, then wondering how all this got 
started and how to build on it.

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