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My eldest daughter sure loved these two posts!


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Wow! Did you just wish that this happened in our household? Oh, well. How 
come you didn't call back the other night? I didn't realize it until it was 
past my bedtime. Not much to report. Lots of sick kids in Central Oregon 
means that I am BUSY. Luckily, our kids are healthy. take care, Irene

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>John Ireland's post struck a chord.  I remember the three or four Modern
>Library books my parents had in our living room book cases.  But I
>thought I would pass this on:
>My thirteen year old daughter (the youngest -- my oldest is 37!) has
>become fascinated with the ML collection.  This summer, she helped me
>organize the collection, using Toledano's Guide like a pro.
>Yesterday, she came into my study with several ML books.  She suggested
>that we pick one and that she, her Mom and I all read it and discuss
>each day's progress at dinner.  After some discussion about the various
>books, she chose Samuel Butler's Erewhon.  We have three copies (yes, I
>need to dispose of some duplicates) and we all sat in front of the
>fireplace on a rainy Sunday each reading the same book.
>What to say?
>Warmest regards to all,
>Bob Sanger
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>Though I love books and I am an English teacher, I collect ML books in
>an attempt to relate to my father.  When he died in 2002, I inherited 45
>ML's he bought at various places during WWII--one book had a sales slip
>from Macy's in New York listing the 5 titles he bought that day, all of
>which have 271 titles on the dj reverse.  When I buy a ML book with 271
>titles, I feel a rush.
>The year after he died, I was at the Printers Row book fair in Chicago,
>and I struck up a conversation about ML's with a chap who put me onto
>the ModernLib website.  Adding to my father's collection was only a whim
>at the time; but two years later, it became an addiction and I became a
>When I need to login as a member, I feel a special part of something
>larger than myself, larger than my father.  It connects me with a time
>long ago, when my father was a young minister in Fort Myers, FLorida.
>Looking at my collection on the shelves, reading the titles, handling
>the books, appreciating the dustjackets, I can feel my father's
>ModernLib facilitates this for me.  So much useful information and
>images!!  It might not be a bad idea to make more of this info available
>only with membership.
>And perhaps there are many, many more people who will become collectors
>as their parents pass on.
>John Ireland
> >>> Scot Kamins <kamins at ModernLib.com> 01/29/07 1:25 PM >>>
>The number of folks renewing memberships in ModernLib is way down.
>While I don't purge the on-line subscriber records, I can assure you
>that paid membership is down by a huge percentage.
>I can't figure out why this is so.  ModernLib keeps being updated and
>expanded, and yet we're not keeping old members or attracting many
>new ones.
>Any ideas about what's going on?
>Scot Kamins
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