Why is ModernLib membership down?

John Ireland tb0jwi1 at wpo.cso.niu.edu
Mon Jan 29 20:10:07 EST 2007

Though I love books and I am an English teacher, I collect ML books in
an attempt to relate to my father.  When he died in 2002, I inherited 45
ML's he bought at various places during WWII--one book had a sales slip
from Macy's in New York listing the 5 titles he bought that day, all of
which have 271 titles on the dj reverse.  When I buy a ML book with 271
titles, I feel a rush.  

The year after he died, I was at the Printers Row book fair in Chicago,
and I struck up a conversation about ML's with a chap who put me onto
the ModernLib website.  Adding to my father's collection was only a whim
at the time; but two years later, it became an addiction and I became a

When I need to login as a member, I feel a special part of something
larger than myself, larger than my father.  It connects me with a time
long ago, when my father was a young minister in Fort Myers, FLorida. 
Looking at my collection on the shelves, reading the titles, handling
the books, appreciating the dustjackets, I can feel my father's

ModernLib facilitates this for me.  So much useful information and
images!!  It might not be a bad idea to make more of this info available
only with membership.

And perhaps there are many, many more people who will become collectors
as their parents pass on.

John Ireland

>>> Scot Kamins <kamins at ModernLib.com> 01/29/07 1:25 PM >>>

The number of folks renewing memberships in ModernLib is way down.  
While I don't purge the on-line subscriber records, I can assure you  
that paid membership is down by a huge percentage.

I can't figure out why this is so.  ModernLib keeps being updated and  
expanded, and yet we're not keeping old members or attracting many  
new ones.

Any ideas about what's going on?

Scot Kamins
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