Dowson 1st edition point?

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I'm back online at home after my modem gave out last week. 

The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson was announced for spring 1919. The first printing was May 1919 and the second was November 1919. The first printing has the Brodzsky illustrated title page and frontispiece and no list of titles at the end of the volume.

This was followed by several B&L printing with a typographic title page and the "BL" device on the title page.  The second printing has a publisher's note facing the title page, "Turn to the end of this volume for a complete list of titles in the Modern Library." Then there are at least two printings with portraits of Dowson facing the title page. The next major variant features the monk device on the title page. I've seen this but don't have a copy.

The first ML, Inc. printing was in fall 1925. There were several bibliographical variants in successive ML printings. Poems and prose of Ernest Dowson was discontinued in fall 1940 and never published in the Blumenthal format.

If you're looking for a first printing, you need it with the Brodzky title page and frontispiece.


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>The Guide, as a 1st edition point for Dowson's Poems & Prose (74.1),  
>has United States of America on the copyright page.
>Did this phrase disappear with the second printing?
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