Dowson 1st edition point?

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Fri Jan 26 16:40:57 EST 2007

It is appearing that this IS NOT a guarantee of a a first printing.  But First points aren't always guarantees of first printings - some are EXCLUSION points.  It can't be a first printing without "United States of America."  
  This is like the times when ML forgot to drop "First Modern LIbrary Edition" in later printings. On those, if it doesn't say "FMLE" then it is definitely NOT a first.  And the only way to be confident that it IS a first is that it says "FMLE" and it still has its jacket and the jacket list is correct for a first printing.  "FMLE" is an EXCLUSION point for non-firsts.  And I suspect that some books ONLY have exclusion points. So if you were going to list a point, it would have to be an exclusion point.
  On Dowson, it looks like we can end up refining the point to something like: It MUST have United States of America AND an early 1920? list - or late 1919 list?  You would want to keep "United States of America as a point for exclusion because thats a lot easier that figuring out the approximate date of the list.
  This leads me into a question:  What does anyone know abot how consistant BL was in putting lists in their books.  If they put a list in at some point did they always update it for later printers.  Or did they simply drop it out sometimes if it was no longer current?  I have always wondered if my copies with no lists had to lie between the C1 to C5 catalogues and some definite start point for the longer lists in the back, or whether not having a list really tells me nothing at all about the dating of the book.

Scot Kamins <kamins at> wrote:
    The Guide, as a 1st edition point for Dowson's Poems & Prose (74.1), 
has United States of America on the copyright page.

Did this phrase disappear with the second printing?


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