Crime & Punishment (199.2) with missing page 350?

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An anomaly of this sort would have been limited to a single printing --  
possibly even to part of a single printing if the error was discovered while 
the printing was in progress.

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> Folks,
> Back in June 2003 Fred Williams posted this question"
> "I have a Modern Library Dostoyevsky "Crime and Punishment" (Garnett  is 
> the translator) with a typed insert. It says "Missing page 350 in  the 
> Modern Library Edition of Crime and Punishment". The typed page  was 
> folded inside the front cover. Sure enough, Page 350 is blank! It  looks 
> as if the publisher inserted the typed page after the press  run. There is 
> no date on the book so I don't know if it's a 1932 or  1950 edition. Does 
> anyone have any knowledge of this?"
> There was just one reply, from Joe Hill:
> "Yes,I have a copy,if you wish to date it- DJ #371 $1.45 (rather late)"
> So Joe's copy was around 1955. But did this anomaly exist from 1950  when 
> this edition came out, or was it later for a short time?
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