Books in Kid's Genre?

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Little Women?

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>I thought we had this genre!
> At the very least, I think our list needs to include the five that ML felt 
> belonged there in 1926:
> Five Great Juveniles:
> Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, etc.
> Stevenson, Treasure Island
> Van Loon, Ancient Man
> Wilde, Fairy Tales and Poems in Prose
> Yeats, Irish Fairy & Folk Tales
> Relative to She/King Solomon's Mines.  If you recall, Barry N. purchased 
> this as a young adult (adding Dracula to the counter as well.)  Dracula 
> was also purchased by John W. as a youngster (using his allowance, and 
> choosing an ML Dracula over a non-ML Frankenstein).  But it clearly 
> indicates that these were books sought by youngsters.
> I read She/KSM and thought they were very good (KSM being the better of 
> the two).  I got one of my kids to read KSM (12 yrs) and he did not enjoy 
> it (to him, it was boring).
> I just got a copy of Dracula.  Maybe I'll read that next.
> ron

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