Couple of new ModernLib projects to announce

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at
Tue Jan 16 12:41:11 EST 2007

  I will send you files containing searches from my database searching: Introduction, Preface, and Foreward, for both Regular and Giants.  This will make the first project you mentioned much easier.  There are only a handful of Modern Library Regulars and Giants that I have not fully processed for their entire contents.
  Darrell Johnson

Scot Kamins <kamins at> wrote:

There are several new projects in the pipeline here at ModernLib 
World Headquarters. Here are details on two of them:

1) Some time ago somebody (I forget who - although I think it was 
either Peterson or Wolansky, they being the guys that give me the 
most work to do) asked for info about the people who wrote 
introductions to ML books. So I'm going to construct a table listing 
the names and contributions of all the writers of forewords and 
intros with links to bios (if I can find them). As soon as I develop 
a prototype for this table, I'll publish a link to it.

Scot Kamins
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