Couple of new ModernLib projects to announce

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Scot:  It will be wonderful to have access to this information in one place. 
Thank you.  Mark
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> Folks,
> There are several new projects in the pipeline here at ModernLib  World 
> Headquarters. Here are details on two of them:
> 1) Some time ago somebody (I forget who - although I think it was  either 
> Peterson or Wolansky, they being the guys that give me the  most work to 
> do) asked for info about the people who wrote  introductions to ML books. 
> So I'm going to construct a table listing  the names and contributions of 
> all the writers of forewords and  intros with links to bios (if I can find 
> them). As soon as I develop  a prototype for this table, I'll publish a 
> link to it.
> 2) I've decided to expand the Book Notes (accessible by clicking the 
> little blue "i" icon) that appear on some Author pages. Before, these 
> notes would appear on random pages depending on whether there was 
> something of interest to say about a particular title that wasn't to  be 
> found elsewhere on ModernLib nor in the Guide. This proved  troublesome in 
> that if you wanted info on a particular title you'd  have to look in 
> several places to get a complete picture. But from  now on, you'll be able 
> to find all the info about a particular title  in one place. Henry 
> Toledano has graciously granted me permission to  include info from the 
> Guide on ModernLib, so Book Notes will also  include first edition points. 
> Eventually there will be Book Notes for  all titles. This will take quite 
> a while for me to finish, of course  -- there are many hundreds of titles 
> to deal with! As I do them,  notice will appear on the ModernLib Change 
> Log page (http://
> Here's a link to the general template I'm using:
> Of course, entries will be individualized; items that don't apply  won't 
> be included.
> And here's a link to the first applied template example:
> NOTE: This is a member's only feature, but anybody can see the  templates.
> Your feedback is solicited on the template - am I missing anything?
> Scot Kamins
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